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An On Demand Indigenous Taxi Hailing Platform that values Integrity. Our creativity and Innovation guarantees our quality service and excellence. To be the best on demand taxi hailing platform providing the best rider service and satisfaction feedback model, by empowering our drivers with clean and reliable cars that are well trained, certified and cultured. Holla ensures that riders security is paramount and each trip cost effective while still providing you with our loyalty schemes. This is why we want to be a part of you by making you our LIFESTYLE PARTNER.

„We are also a Digital Media Company with our 10'' Tab advertising.”


We have a very robust CRM, Content Management System, Google Maps Integration, Digital Signage Manager.

Integrate with us with a digital payment and banking systems platform.

FinTech & Financial Inclusion (Digital Banking & Payments Systems).

“Wallet” in branded APP allows to store debit/credit cards and process payments with one button click. Pickme APP requests debit/credit card details input at the end of every new trip.


FinTech & Financial Inclusion (Digital Banking & Payments Systems).

AUTOMATED DISPATCHER SYSTEM ● Decreases time per booking by 50%. ● Integrated with VOIP and CRM systems. ● Real-time overview of drivers and bookings..

PRODUCT ROADMAP ● The Apps receives debit/credit card payments ● mPOS payments ● Corporate customers management system.

''Let your phone simply take you there''.

SOLUTION ANALYTICS ● Detailed and visualized statistics about bookings, customers and drivers. ● Gives you a real-time insight.

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